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Visa Applications


A: This depends on the type of visa application you have submitted and whether your application raises any complex human rights issues. The Home Office aims to make deciding within 6 months however it can take longer when applications are complicated and the Home Office require to consider your application in line with Human Rights and consider whether there are any exceptional circumstances. British Citizenship application is often returned within 6 months as the applicant already holds indefinite leave to remain or is settled. Travel Documents are also usually considered within 6 months.
A: This depends on the type of application you are making. It also depends on your immigration history and the grounds upon which you are making an application. It also depends on the length of residence you are seeking for example limited leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain. We can advise you on what documents you will need and exactly how many after taking into consideration all of the above. It is your responsibility to gather together the documents however we can advise you and check your documents to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements.
A: It is advisable if you have not had an Immigration Solicitor before to have an initial consultation at least 6 months before. The initial consultation should be an opportunity to discuss your personal history, what type of visa you seek, or currently on, or if you need to switch. The Immigration Solicitor should also have some knowledge if there are any changes in the law due to take place or if the current political situation, for example, the Brexit will have an impact on your case. The Immigration Solicitor will also provide what documents you require to gather, what tests require to be completed, and if specific requirements needed for that application, you should be advised of this. This ensures that nothing is left to the last minute and you can have everything lodged with the application. Though some may argue that you can request for some of this being lodged at a later date, this is at the 'discretion' of the Immigration Officer and they are entitled to refuse you and do not require to give you further time to lodge additional evidence.
A: Please note that at present most visa applications must be submitted 'within 28 days of it expiring'. That means that you cannot submit this before the 28 days, for example, if your application is due to expire on 28th of the month, you can submit it 1st of the month and thereafter. If you submit your application form before that, this will be returned to you. The danger of this is that all your documents could take time to be returned back to you and you could miss the expiry date. If you submit it after the 28th, this will be deemed out with of time application and may be refused. Please note there are some instances with a reasonable explanation provided (mostly due to illness or unforeseen exceptional circumstances), that the Immigration Officer may deal with application cases lodged out of time, received within 28 days after the expiry. However please note that this is a grey area and at the 'discretion' of the Immigration Officer. We would always advise lodging all applications on time unless you have exceptional circumstances. If you do not have specific documents, it is still best to lodge the application and have a covering letter explaining when this will be lodged and a reason for the delay.
A: Not necessarily. Under the new service, you’ll make your application and pay your application fee online, this will also include your biometric enrolment fee (if applicable). You will also have to pay the immigration health surcharge (if applicable) online before you make your application and include your reference number on your online application. You’ll then be directed to Sopra Steria’s website to book an appointment at a UKVCAS centre. At this stage, you can choose whether to purchase added-value services such as ‘same day service’ for a decision on your application on the same day.
A: You can still opt to use the postal service, we ensure that all original documents are sent out by recorded delivery or special delivery whereby it has to be signed for. You can retain a copy of the signature to confirm that it has been received. We always keep copies, certify all documents as a true copy of original and keep an eye to ensure the documents have been received by the Home Office through the track and trace service.

Private and family life applications (5 or 10-year route) (FLR(FP) applications

  • As a parent
  • As a partner
  • 7 years of continuous residence by child
  • 20 years-long residence
  • Continuous residence in the UK for half of life
  • Insurmountable obstacles


Do you know that if you cannot meet the requirements of leave to remain as a partner under the 5 years route you can submit an application for leave to remain as a partner under the 10 years route to settlement?   If you are cohabiting or married to a British citizen or someone who is settled in the UK but cannot meet the financial requirements, are unable to meet the immigration status requirement or are unable to meet the English language requirement this may be the right application for you.    You must be able to show that you are in a ‘genuine and subsisting relationship’ with your UK partner and that there are ‘insurmountable obstacles’ for family life to be continued abroad, give us a call for full legal advice.

Alternatively or simultaneously, you may have a British child in the UK or your child has lived in the UK continuously for at least 7 years and you believe it is unreasonable for the Home Office to expect your child to leave the UK (known as the ‘EX1 requirement’) if this is the case you may have a basis to seek permission for leave to remain in the UK as a ‘parent’.

In some cases, you may not be in a relationship with a British citizen or someone who is settled in the UK and you may not have any children in the UK but you have lived in the UK continuously for 20 years, whether lawfully or unlawfully, you can apply for permission to stay in the UK for 30 months under paragraph 276ADE of the Immigration Rules.   Please contact us to discuss this option in full detail.


Finally, if you are a person who is over the age of 18 and under the age of 25 can apply for leave to remain on the basis of your private life if you can show that you have spent at least half of your life living continuously in the UK.  You could be granted leave to remain for 30 months under the 10 years route to settlement.


The family of British citizens and settled persons (entry clearance and extensions)

  •  Fiance visa

  •  Marriage visitor visa

  •  Spouse visa

  •  Same-sex partner visa

  •  Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) for a bereaved partner

  •  Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) for a victim of domestic violence

If you are married to a British Citizen or a settled person and you satisfy all of the suitability and eligibility requirements we can assist you with making an Entry Clearance or Extension application for a ‘spouse visa’ to allow your wife/husband/civil partner to join you in the UK.  If you are planning on getting married to a British citizen in the UK, we can discuss the ‘fiancé visa’ or you may even want to consider applying for a ‘marriage visitor visa’ depending on your individual circumstances and personal commitments.


Do you know that if you are already in the UK with a spouse visa and you suffer the loss of your husband/partner you may be eligible for indefinite leave to remain as a ‘bereaved partner’?


Furthermore, did you know that If your relationship has genuinely broken down as a result of domestic violence, you may be eligible for indefinite leave to remain?


There are many immigration options we can help you explore and some you may not even be aware of, please give us a call and arrange a consultation with one of our Immigration Solicitors.


·        EU applications

·        EEA family permit

·        EEA residence card

·        EEA registration certificate

·        EEA permanent residence card


If you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland is living in the UK in accordance with the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, your family members such as your wife and children or in some cases this can include extended family members such as your sister or parent (if you can satisfy the requirements) who are not EEA or Swiss citizens have the right to live in the UK with you to enable them to live in the UK legally they should apply for an ‘EEA Residence Card’.    We know that Brexit has resulted in uncertainty for many EEA citizens.   We recommend that you contact us to discuss your options, you may be entitled to settle in the UK if you have lived and worked in the UK for 5 years.  Did you know that in order to make an application for British citizenship it is a requirement that EEA nationals hold a ‘Permanent Residence Card’?   To help safeguard your future options or to simply discuss your current personal circumstances, give us a call today.


UK Student visa

·         Tier 4 general student

·         Tier 4 child student


We can help provide you with full legal advice and assistance with applying  for a Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the UK if you’re 16 or over and you:


Applicants aged between 4 and 17 can make an application for a ‘Tier 4 Child Student’ visa.


Discretionary leave to remain

  • 10-year route
  • 6-year route


Did you know that if you cannot meet the criteria of the Immigration Rules as set out under Appendix FM and paragraph 276ADE of the Immigration Rules you can still qualify for Discretionary Leave to Remain outside the Immigration Rules for the application for Discretionary Leave to Remain outside the Rules to succeed, your circumstances must be exceptional, compelling and compassionate for the Secretary of State for the Home Department to exercise discretion in your favour.   We have assisted some applicants to meet such a high threshold through strong legal arguments involving the best interests of children.     Such applications are legally complex by nature as always the onus is on the applicant to satisfy the Secretary of State that the case is ‘exceptional’.    We can assist you to make such an application and if your application for Discretionary Leave is successful, you may be granted an initial leave to remain for 30 months under the 10 years route to settlement.


British citizenship applications

  • Naturalisation
  • Registration
  • Application for confirmation
  • Reconsideration of refusal


If you have lived in the UK for at least 5 years (unless you are married) and have held indefinite leave to remain for at least 12 months, you may be eligible to make an application for British citizenship.     The normal course of action is to simply apply for ‘naturalisation’ but in some cases, applicants are required to apply for ‘registration’.    Both types of applications are similar but apply in different sets of circumstances.  We would, therefore, recommend that you contact us and book a consultation to discuss which option is right for you.   Especially, if you are looking to make an application for your children, as these types of applications can be a little more complicated depending on your circumstances.


Visitor visas


Are you planning a short visit to the UK?   Have you applied for a UK visitor visa? If you are coming to the UK for tourism, a holiday or to visit family you need to apply for a visit visa (depending on your nationality).   Visit visas can also be applied for the purposes of business trips, sports visitors, private medical treatment etc.


We highly recommend that you contact us for legal advice and assistance before making an application for a visit visa for the UK.   Unfortunately, the refusal rate is very high in UK visitor visa applications.   We can advise you on what are the common reasons applicants are refused visitor visas.  If you have already applied and have been refused, we can provide the required legal help and assistance to challenge the refusal of your UK visitor visa application.


Uk passport and travel documents


You may be applying for a British Passport for the first time, if so, you may be asked to attend for an interview with Her Majesty’s Passport Office to confirm your identity.


Alternatively, the Home Office may have given you permission to stay in the United Kingdom as a refugee, in which case you may be applying for a convention travel document.


In any case, we can assist you to make your application to increase your chances of making a successful application first time.


Other applications

  • Bail
  • Subject access request
  • Entry clearance as a returning resident
  • Transfer of conditions
  • No time limit
  • Brp replacement


We deal with a wide range of enquiries and cases on a day-to-day basis this includes but is not limited to the following:- family member/dependent visas, indefinite leave to remain applications, entry clearance applications, extensions, renewals switching visa categories in the UK, British citizenship application and all types of appeals etc.       Please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Immigration appeals, administrative review and Judicial review


We know that things do not always go as planned but we are here for you every step of the way.    We have experience in dealing with appeals at all stages from the First-tier Tribunal to the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

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Ms S B fro Glasgow

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