Our People

matthew berlow criminal lawyer glasgow

Matthew Berlow

Principal Criminal Solicitor


Jelina Berlow-Rahman

Partner & Solicitor

Glasgow Criminal Lawyer

Haseeb Ul Hassan

Associate Solicitor

Glasgow Criminal Lawyer

Manus Tolland

Glasgow  Solicitor


Kauser Iqbal

Glasgow & Ayr Solicitor

Nowsheen Farham Glasgow Criminal Lawyer

Nowsheen Farhan

Glasgow Solicitor

Charles Sharkey - assistant Criminal Lawyer Kilmarnock and Ayr

Charles Sharkey

Criminal Solicitor (Kilmarnock and Ayr)

Ramond Mallon Criminal Lawyer - case manager Glasgow and Kilmarnock

Raymond Mallon

Case Manager / Legal Aid assistant

Elaine Collins - Kilmarnock Criminal Lawyer - Support Staff

Elaine Collins

Secretary / Legal Aid assistant