New driver ban – points on your licence

If you are a New Driver, you are on a probationary period for two years from the date you obtain your licence. If you receive 6 points or more, then the DVLA will revoke your driving licence, and you will receive a new driver ban. You will need to re-sit your driving test. The New Drivers Act (1995) is responsible for the legislation around new driver bans.

New Drivers FAQ

A: You can go ahead and take your driving test because your licence won’t be instantly revoked? But, if you accumulate any more points during the first two years after passing your test then you will have your licence revoked at that time.
A: If you are given additional points for the offence that happened during your probationary period and those points bring your total points to 6 or more then yes, unfortunately, you will have your licence revoked. This is because the important date is the date of the offence. If the offence happened during your 2-year probationary period then your licence will be revoked.
A: If you accumulate 6 or more points on your licence, and the latest offence happened within your 2-year probationary period then you will have your driving licence revoked. It may be possible to argue that there are special reasons or you would suffer exceptional hardship if the points are imposed. We successfully argued the mitigating circumstances in the past and the clients have avoided losing their licence as a result. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation and to discuss the options open to you as a new driver facing having your licence revoked.

Having your licence revoked doesn’t remove the points from it. They will remain effective for 3 years from the date of the original offence. 

If found guilty then the points are effective from the date of the offence. Therefore, even if the case calls in court at a time when you are no longer a new driver, the new driver rules will still apply.

Driving licence points – defence/mitigation

You might be able to argue there were special reasons for committing the offence, or you would suffer exceptional hardship if your licence were revoked. This may avoid the points being put on your licence. Contact us now, and we will advise you on the options that may be available to save your licence from being revoked.

New driver ban lawyers

At Graham Walker Solicitors we have been involved in 100s of road traffic offence cases. As such, you can be sure you have expert representation when you hire our road traffic lawyers. If you face a ban, call immediately, the earlier you start your defence, the greater chance you have of success.