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Our office is in the basement of the corner block opposite Glasgow Sheriff Court, where our lawyers in Glasgow work tirelessly to defend allegations of all types. A Glasgow lawyer from Graham Walker Solicitors is an expert in their field after facing 100s of cases. Do the responsible thing, pick up the phone and call our experts today.

Why instruct Matthew Berlow at Graham Walker Solicitors Criminal Lawyers Glasgow?

We defend all types of criminal offences in Scotland including cases in The High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Court and The Justice of the Peace Court.
Here are some reasons why you should select us over the other local lawyer firms:
  • 24x7x365 operating hours
  • FREE initial consultation
  • Ayr and Kilmarnock Police Station Visits are always FREE
  • Legal aid or private work
  • Well established experienced Glasgow firm now branching out into Ayrshire
  • Headquarters next door to Europe’s busiest criminal court
  • Our senior partner lives in Glasgow’s south-side, just minutes by M77 from Kilmarnock Sheriff Court

Lawyers who have conducted cases in the highest criminal courts in Scotland

Our in house criminal defence lawyer advocacy service means that, regardless of the gravity of the charge you are facing, we are able to deal with your case from beginning to end. You will have instant access to our lawyers in Glasgow who have conducted cases in the highest criminal courts in the land (including the High Courts in Glasgow and Edinburgh).

On a daily basis, our criminal defence lawyers visit the courtrooms of Ayrshire representation clients from Kilmarnock, Ayr, Troon and many other Ayrshire towns from Largs in the north to Girvan to Cumnock!

Between them, our Criminal defence lawyers have 75 years of experience in Criminal law.

Room 2a,5 St Marnock Street,Kilmarnock, KA1 1DZ (Next to Subway Sandwich on the corner of King Street)

Kilmarnock Office

At Graham Walker Solicitors we are one of the top law firms in Glasgow. This is due to our many experienced Glasgow criminal Lawyers waiting to take on your case. When you hire a lawyer in Glasgow from us, you receive the best quality representation and often with the help of legal aid; you don’t have to pay a penny. We cover many different practice areas, here is a preview of them:

Breach of the Peace / Section 38 crime – Glasgow Lawyers

  • Our Lawyers in Glasgow and throughout Scotland are experts in Breach of the Peace charges. Over the last year, there has been a significant surge in this type of offence and we have been on hand to help many clients win cases with all charges dropped. 

Released on an undertaking – contact our lawyers in Glasgow and throughout Scotland

  • If you are released on a bail undertaking then you will have signed this paperwork in the police station before being released giving an UNDERTAKING that you will turn up at court on the assigned future date. The first thing you should do is call our lawyers in Glasgow or throughout Scotland and they will help take care of the next steps with you.

Domestic crime lawyers in Glasgow and throughout Scotland

  • Our lawyers in Glasgow city centre have been involved in 100s of cases of domestic crime.  Call a Glasgow criminal lawyer with a wealth of experience in preparing and presenting defences and receive the support you deserve.

Crimes of Violence – criminal lawyer Glasgow and throughout Scotland

  • Crimes of violence are taken very seriously in Scotland as they involve harm to other people. If you are charged with assault then you need to contact our experienced assault lawyers. We have been involved in 100s of cases, with many ending in acquittals. With our solicitor’s murder is not such a frightening prospect. We also deal with the possession of offensive weapons and importantly the special defence of self-defence. 

Drug offences

  • Our lawyers in Glasgow City centre and throughout Scotland have been involved in many drug cases. Our lawyers have vast experience defending people accused of trafficking, producing and distributing controlled substances. If you are facing a drug charge, get in touch today.

Road traffic offences / Traffic lawyer Glasgow 

  • Our traffic lawyer Glasgow team have fought many different kinds of driving offences. From a small speeding ticket to death by dangerous driving. We don’t just have a traffic lawyer Glasgow team, we can represent you throughout Scotland. Call today, as even a small road traffic offence can give you a criminal record that can have a dramatic impact on your life.

Sexual offences

  • Sexual offences are taken very seriously in Scotland. As such, the penalties for a conviction can mean life imprisonment. Our lawyers in Glasgow city centre and throughout Scotland have been involved in 100s of cases of sexual offences. Many of these cases have had all charges dropped or charges reduced to less serious offences. It is imperative if you are accused of a sexual crime, to contact our criminal lawyer Glasgow team today.

Crimes of dishonesty – Glasgow criminal lawyers

  • Crimes of dishonesty are a broad area encompassing theft, fraud, money laundering and many more. Our lawyers in Glasgow have a wealth of experience in representing people accused of these crimes. It is essential you call our team straight away if accused of a crime of dishonesty as imprisonment and large fines are common penalties. 

Health and safety prosecutions and corporate manslaughter

  • Our lawyers in Glasgow are well versed in health and safety legislation. It is a complicated area not to be taken lightly. Corporate manslaughter can result in several years imprisonment so again it is important to seek representation if you are charged with this crime.

Fatal accident inquiries

  • Fatal accident inquiries occur when an unexpected death occurs that warrants investigation. Our lawyers in Glasgow city centre are experts in accident law and will help guide you through this stressful situation.