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In Scotland, theft is defined as ‘the taking or appropriating the property of another without the true owner’s consent and with the intent to deprive the owner of that property.’ While this may seem like a fairly black and white definition, in reality, it has many shades of grey. You can end up going to court for shoplifting in Scotland and you can receive a harsh sentence for shoplifting. Securing the services of a theft lawyer from Graham Walker Solicitors can improve your chances of an acquittal. We also deal with burglary charges (theft by housebreaking) so contact a burglary attorney today.

FAQ Theft and Shoplisting

A: IF you have no previous this is increasingly dealt with by a fixed penalty fine of between £50-£200. This has been widely criticized.
A: This is more serious, The value of the goods is taken into account as well as previous convictions.
A: It is a possible defence that you intended to give the item back to the owner, ie. you were only borrowing it.
A: It can be a wide range of items from cash, mobile phones, wallets, gold watches, jewellery, items from employers, items left at charity bins and a lot more.

Theft can also be ‘aggravated’, that is to say, the gravity of the offence can be worsened by the addition of some other factor such as housebreaking. Contact a burglary attorney immediately if charged with this serious crime.

It is possible to commit theft by finding property and neglecting to return it – even if you intend to return the property in question. As such, you may be charged with theft even if you are completely innocent. To find out exactly where you stand, contact us now.

Shoplifting in Scottish Criminal Law

Although recorded crime in Scotland showed a downward trend overall for the year 2017-18, shoplifting actually increased by 9%, and almost two-thirds of Scottish local authorities recorded an increase in shoplifting for the year. A theft lawyer at Graham Walker Solicitors provide the comprehensive support that’s needed throughout most of Scotland if you’re facing a charge for shoplifting.

About shoplifting in Scotland

Statistics published by the Scottish police show that much of this surge in shoplifting is due to desperation as people just don’t have enough money to live on. This is leading to increases in the numbers of people caught stealing foods in supermarkets. The Scottish government blames much of this increased shoplifting on welfare reforms carried out by the UK government.

A pilot scheme to identify shoplifters in this sort of situation is currently being trialled in North Lanarkshire with a view to signposting these people towards social service support rather than local courts. 

The police say this new arrest referral scheme will offer more assurances that the police actually arrest the “bad people, not poor people.” North Lanarkshire is one of the poorest, most deprived areas in Scotland, and much of the rise in what the police term “destitute shoplifting” is down to mothers stealing food to feed their children. The council confirmed there was almost a 50% rise in shoplifting cases between April and June 2018. If you believe you fit into this “destitute shoplifting” a theft lawyer will help make your case to the Police. A harsher sentence for shoplifting may be avoided if we can explain your circumstances.

What happens if you are caught stealing?

If you’re caught shoplifting, you could potentially face being arrested or even put in prison. Convictions for shoplifting goods worth less than £200 can be for up to six months. This sentence for shoplifting is harsh and we will do our best to stop you going to court for shoplifting. Call our team and a specialist theft lawyer will help you out.

Being prosecuted for shoplifting also means you will be labelled with a criminal record, which can hamper your employment prospects in the future. You will still have a criminal record even if you accept a caution for a shoplifting offence as this counts towards a criminal conviction. This is the reason we recommend you take advice from an expert lawyer at the time.

Burglary attorney

Although under Scots law burglary does not exist, it is still a commonly used term used to describe the crime of theft by housebreaking. Burglary or theft by housebreaking covers theft where the security of the building is overcome. Burglary charges are taken very seriously in Scotland. As such, it is mostly prosecuted under solemn procedure. Solemn procedure cases are heard in the High Court and Sheriff Court in Scotland. A burglary lawyer from Graham Walker Solicitors is an expert in burglary charges. Call a theft lawyer today

If you need a theft lawyer, look no further, our specialist lawyers are experts in criminal law and theft/ robbery charges, and we offer all the support you need to help you handle any charge and can provide representation on your behalf. Give us a call today to find out more. Don’t be on the receiving end of a harsh sentence for shoplifting.

Charged with shoplifting, the amount was less than a threshold and they spoke to the PF and I did not have to go to court. Relieved. Did the legal aid forms for me as I am on Benefits

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X, Airdrie

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