breach of the peace disorder section 38 breach of peace

Breach of the Peace & Section 38 (s38)

These charges can land you a hefty prison sentence and a large fine. A prison sentence of up to 5 years and £5000 fine is possible. Don’t leave it to chance, call our criminal lawyers in Glasgow today. We take cases throughout all of Scotland. At Graham Walker Solicitors, our Glasgow lawyers have a fantastic record of achieving non-custodial and not-guilty outcomes. Call today as we are experts with Section 38 offences. 24 hour lawyers

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misuse of drugs act 1971 class a drugs drug offence lawyer

Drug Offences

Drug offences carry a high penalty depending on the charge. Life imprisonment is reserved for the most serious crimes of supplying and producing a controlled substance. A criminal lawyer in Glasgow from Graham Walker Solicitors has a wealth of experience in drug cases. We have managed to have charges acquitted and sentences reduced. Call us today and start your defence. Our drug charge lawyers are available 24/7 so call immediately

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murder and assault, culpable homicide, self-defence

Murder & Assault

Crimes of violence include some of the most serious offences such as murder and assault. You face a sentence of life imprisonment should you be charged with murder. A Glasgow criminal lawyer at Graham Walker Solicitors is a specialist in charges of murder, assault. We have experience in presenting self-defence as a defence in cases resulting in charges acquitted and not-guilty outcomes. Call today and let us take care of you. 24x7x365

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fatal accident inquiries

Fatal accident inquiries

When an unexplained death occurs a fatal accident inquiry may take place. This is to understand the circumstances surrounding the death, what lead up to it and how it can be prevented in the future. If the death is suspicious there will be an investigation. Our Glasgow lawyers have experience in dealing with FAI cases. It is important you contact us immediately when an unexplained death has occurred as you may be investigated. Available 24/7

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sexual offence lawyer

Sexual offence lawyer

Our criminal lawyer Glasgow and throughout Scotland teams have extensive experience in sexual offence cases. A sexual offence conviction is about far more than just a prison sentence or fine. A sexual offence conviction will turn our life upside-down. It will impact your ability to secure work, housing and alter your public image. With Graham Walker Solicitors that doesn’t have to be the case. Call today and we will start your defence.

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road traffic lawyers

Road traffic lawyers

You may wonder why you need a criminal lawyer in Glasgow for a road traffic offence. Many road traffic offences are criminal offences and result in a criminal record! This can have far-reaching and devastating effects on your life. Luckily we are experts in road traffic law and have experience in having cases thrown out of court, leading defendants to on with their lives. Our road traffic lawyers are available 24/7 so pick up the phone!

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health and safety prosecution

Health and Safety Prosecutions

Our team of criminal solicitors in Glasgow and throughout Scotland have extensive experience in these cases. We understand this is an incredibly stressful time for you, and we are here to help you through it. Convictions can lead to imprisonment and large fines so it is important you contact a Glasgow criminal lawyer straight away. We are available to call 24/7, where a legal aid criminal lawyer will answer the phone, so call now!

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released on an undertaking after having a free criminal law consultation

Released on an Undertaking

When released from custody on an undertaking you may be confused about the next steps. You will have bail conditions you must adhere to, failing to stick to these conditions can result in being re-arrested and being jailed for 12 months. Call Graham Walker Solicitors today and our lawyers in Glasgow City Centre and throughout Scotland will help you understand the next steps, we will take your case on and give you the representation you deserve.

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dishonesty charges and fraud lawyer

Theft, Fraud & financial crimes

Crimes of dishonesty are a large area and account for nearly half of all recorded crime in Scotland. Our lawyers in Glasgow and throughout Scotland are experts when it comes to crimes of dishonesty. We have experience in fraud, including benefit fraud, theft, proceeds of crime, money laundering and many other areas. Call our team today and we will start your defence and help you apply for any legal aid you might qualify for. Available 24/7

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domestic crimes, domestic violence

Domestic Crime

Domestic crimes are treated very seriously in Scotland. As such you should expect to be facing long prison sentences should you be found guilty. With our Glasgow solicitors, you can put your mind at ease. We have extensive experience in cases resulting in not-guilty verdicts or non-custodial sentences. We are Legal Aid certified, meaning you could receive our expert representation for no cost whatsoever. Call today and talk to us.

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vandalism and criminal damage

Criminal damage & Vandalism

Criminal damage and vandalism are two of the most common crimes in Scotland. As such, Police are trying to crack down on this offence and stop it spiralling out of control. At Graham Walker Solicitors you can be sure you are in safe hands. We have decades of experience in dealing with criminal damage and vandalism charges and almost always avoid a custodial sentence for our clients. Protect yourself and call today. Available 24/7.

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perjury, contempt of court and perverting the course of justice

Perjury & contempt of court

Crimes against public justice include perjury, contempt of court and perverting the course of justice. We also cover wasting police time, assaulting a police officer and many others. A solicitor at Graham Walker Solicitors has decades of experience in defending the accused of all types of crimes. Contact us immediately if you are charged. Available 24/7. Free legal representation is available with Legal Aid, we will apply for legal aid for you.

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