breach of the peace disorder

Breach of the Peace & Section 38 (s38)

Breach of the Peace is a low-level public order offence in Scotland. Our busiest area with 100's of cases.

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Theft and Shoplifting

Shoplifting is the action of stealing goods from a shop while pretending to be a customer.

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drugs offences 1

Drug Offences

Possession of even small amounts of a banned substance can be quite serious, also Legal Highs

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benefits claim form fraud

Benefits Fraud

Lifted for working cash in hand, failing to declare a partner moving in with you, benefit fraud interviews.

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Charged with serious crimes

Crimes of Violence

Murder, Attempt murder, Serious assault, Common assault. We can assist you with advice and representation for all allegations of crimes of violence in any court in Scotland

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domestic abuse scotland

Domestic violence charges

Domestic assault, Domestic disturbances, stalking and harassment offences

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Charge sheet alt text

Harassment (Section 39)

Breach of the peace is a low-level public order offence in Scotland. now dealt with as 'Disorderly Conduct' under Section 38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.

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fatal accident enquiry

Fatal accident enquiries

A Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) is held following a death is the workplace.

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Sexual offences

Sensitive to victim and accused , we offer free initial consultations for Sexual offences and sex crimes

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Image of a Scottish Robber


Robbery is theft which is accompanied by an act of actual or threatened violence in order to deprive the victim of their property. There doesn't need to be any actual harm inflicted, rather it is enough that the victim fears harm if they resist.

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drug driving lawyer

Road traffic offences

Saving your licence requires a specialist solicitor.

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health and safety 2

Health & safety prosecutions

If you are an employer with a concern about such a prosecution please contact us for advice. The first interview is free. Any subsequent involvement is generally covered by the firms insurance policy.

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internet crime 2

Internet crime

Pornography and indecent images, Libel and hate-speech, through to technical crimes like illegal downloading and ‘hacking’

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terrorism civil liberties criminal charges scotland

Terrorism Offences Scotland

We cover Terrorism matters including detentions

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