Indecent Assault

An indecent assault (sexual assault charges) allegation can have very serious often catastrophic consequences for someone who is suspected or charged with such an offence. If accused of this crime, contacting our indecent assault lawyers should be your first priority. Sexual assault charges have reduced in 2019-2020 by 4% from the previous year.

Indecent Assault FAQ

A: Indecent assault is physically touching or the threat of physically touching another person in a sexual way. The victim must suffer an attack or assault which does not have to involve actually being touched.
A: Depending on the severity of the alleged offence(s), you could face life imprisonment. It is therefore vital you secure the services of our experienced sexual assault solicitors.

Even if not convicted then the mere fact that you have been a suspect can have a devastating impact on your reputation and livelihood. This is why we take sexual assault charges very seriously.

Our team of sexual assault lawyers have a great deal of experience in handling cases of sexual assault. We also have a good track record in successfully defending clients charged with sexual offences. Sexual assault guidelines can be found in section 3 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009.

What is an indecent assault (sexual assault)?

Our sex crime lawyers understand exactly what sexual assault charges are. This knowledge can help your defence as what you are accused of might not match what happened. An indecent assault is an assault by way of physically touching or the threat of physically touching. The assault must be of a “sexual” nature for it to be indecent assault. The victim must suffer some form of assault or attack, although the victim does not have to experience actual physical contact from the attacker. Threatening someone with violence if they do not comply with demand can result in the same charges.

What makes an assault indecent or sexual?

  • The nature of the contact and the body part that is touched
  • The overall situation in which the contact took place;
  • words said in association with the assault ie threats or sexual innuendo

What should you do if facing sexual assault charges?

If you are suspected or charged with sexual assault then you should contact our specialist team of sexual assault lawyers without delay. You may be entitled to help in paying for our services from Legal Aid Scotland.

I would recommend Matthew Berlow and his team to anyone, great service and also got my indecent assault case discharged out of court. Thank you.