Possession of Drugs With Intent to supply

If you are here, you may have questions such as: Do first time drug offenders go to jail? Or How much jail time for selling drugs? A drug defense lawyer from Graham Walker Solicitors is a specialist in defending clients accused of possession with intent to supply controlled drugs charges.

Possession of Drugs with intent to supply FAQ

A: Possession of drugs with intent to supply is not just about drug dealing. If you have in your possession a controlled drug and share it with someone, this is supplying the person with a controlled drug.
A: The difference is that possession with intent to supply charges involve prosecuting a person for supplying another person with a controlled drug they are not legally allowed to own.

Drug defense lawyer

If you are charged or suspected of possession with intent to supply drugs, you must contact us without delay on our twenty-four-hour emergency number. A drug defense lawyer is waiting to take your call.

We have a great deal of experience negotiating with the Procurator Fiscal in securing plea bargains that reduce supply charges to charges of mere possession of controlled drugs. We will often secure top forensic scientists and drug experts’ services to properly prepare and present our client’s defences to charges of possession with intent to supply.

With diligent case preparation by our team of specialist drug lawyers, we can achieve not guilty outcomes in those cases where the correct charge should have been simple possession rather than possession with intent to supply.

A drug defense lawyer from Graham Walker Solicitors has dealt with all manner of drug supply cases from the smallest amounts to those involving substantial amounts of drugs and involving serious and organised crime.

We can represent clients at any court level, including Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court and High Court.

We are available to attend Police interviews at any time of day or night, and this will be covered by automatic legal aid. This means you don’t pay anything, so don’t hesitate to contact us immediately should you be questioned.

Controlled drugs

What is a controlled drug? A controlled drug whose use, supply or production is restricted by legislation such as the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001.

What does the Procurator Fiscal need to prove for a conviction for possession with intent to supply?

  •  an accused person owned drugs
  • the drugs are controlled drugs under the relevant legislation above
  • an accused person intended to supply the drugs to another person

Our specialist drug lawyers are knowledgeable in drug cases and can spot any weaknesses in the Procurator Fiscals case. As such, we can properly prepare a strong defence in your favour. You may wish to plead guilty to being in possession only of a controlled drug, but not guilty in terms of intention to supply. We will diligently prepare your case with a view to achieving the best possible outcome.

How does the Prosecution prove possession with intent to supply?

The Procurator Fiscal does not need to prove you physically passed the drug’s control to another person, only that you had the intention to do so. 

The law is clear that supply includes distributing. Therefore, If you offer to share your drugs with another person, you are legally supplying the other person with a controlled drug. People often believe money has to be exchanged for this offence to be committed, but this is not the case.

Prosecutions in possession with intent cases are often based on circumstantial evidence. People often freely give evidence from the police interview. Therefore, you should insist on one of our drug defense lawyers to be present free of charge at any police interview. You can count on us to help you with our expertise in possession with intent to supply controlled drugs cases. 

To prove dealing in drugs and intention to supply, the Procurator Fiscal will present various evidence types to the court. Your property will most likely be searched, and the Procurator Fiscal may use any of the following items to prove intent to supply:

  • drugs paraphernalia like small bags, electric scales etc
  • amounts of cash
  • cutting agents
  • “tick lists” – handwritten lists of names and money owed
  • mobile telephones and evidence contained in messages and contacts

Our specialist team of drug lawyers has a great deal of experience preparing defence cases based on the lack of such evidence above. 

Do first time drug offenders go to jail for possession with intent to supply drugs?

Many factors are involved in the sentences applied to a conviction of possession of drugs with intent to supply. The street value of the controlled drugs is an important factor, also if an accused person has previous convictions, especially if the person has previous drugs convictions.

The maximum custodial sentences are as follows:

  • class A drugs – on indictment – life imprisonment
  • class B drugs – on indictment – 14 years
  • class C drugs – on indictment – 14 years

Our lawyers will present all mitigating factors to the court, which may reduce the sentence handed down if you are convicted and ensure they are persuasively presented to the Court.

Contact our specialist team of drug supply lawyers without delay.

If you have been charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, do not hesitate to contact a drug defense lawyer from Graham Walker Solicitors. We will work to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Do first time drug offenders go to jail? Not when we represent you.

Legal Aid for drugs charges

You may be entitled to Legal Aid for drugs charges. This is because drugs charges can often end in imprisonment. We are registered with the Scottish Legal aid Board (SLAB) and represent many clients without them ever having to pay a penny. Contact us today to talk through your options. 

Matthew is a brilliant drug defense lawyer and his team worked well for my case and we got the just result in the end. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Gary Lindsay