Furlough Fraud

Since the UK Government introduced the Furlough Scheme, the scheme has in some cases been susceptible to fraudulent activity. It has become clear that the HMRC have started to prosecute alleged furlough fraud offenders. Call a furlough fraud lawyer today if you are being investigated.

Furlough Fraud FAQ

A: Furlough Fraud occurs when an employer claims back the wages of an employee that is still carrying out work for them. Fraud can also occur in when an employee does not pass on the money to the employee.
A: If you are accused of furlough fraud, HMRC may investigate your business and how you operated over the period you were receiving furlough payments. An accusation like this is serious as there are heavy fines and even imprisonment for fraud. It is essential you contact us immediately. At Graham Walker, you will receive the highest quality of advocacy and defence from specialists in fraud legislation.

What is the Furlough scheme?

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or the furlough scheme has given a lifeline to millions throughout the UK. People on the furlough scheme receive a percentage of their wage from the government.

Approximately £14 billion is spent each month on this scheme. It is, therefore, no surprise that HMRC has begun to prosecute individuals or employers suspected of fraud. Millions of claims have been made to the Furlough Scheme, and it would appear that some claims have fallen under suspicion. Many Furlough grants were made without proper checks being made, and it is only now that some fraudulent activity is coming to light.

What to do if you are accused of Furlough Fraud

If you are suspected of making a fraudulent claim under the Furlough Scheme, it is important that you urgently seek fraud legal advice and contact us.  If you are prosecuted, our specialist lawyers can assist you in the preparation and presentation of your case.

We at Graham Walker Solicitors will assist you if you become under investigation by HMRC. We can accompany you to interviews under caution. If you are charged with Furlough Fraud, we will assist in the preparation of your defence and representation at Court. Our team of lawyers are highly skilled in advocacy and litigation and have represented a wide range of clients accused of fraud.

Finance bill 2020

Currently, the Finance Bill, published on 19th March, is working its way through parliament. This bill confirms income received from the furlough scheme is subject to income tax. The draft legislation allows HMRC the power to investigate and recover payments that were made to a recipient who was not entitled to it.

Furlough fraud Legal aid Scotland

Scottish Legal aid is provided automatically when you are questioned at a Police Station; this allows you to be equipped with a fraud defence lawyer. So why not call Graham Walker today and get the best fraud lawyers on the job.

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