Murder is any wilful act causing death, where there was a wicked intention to kill, or where there was no regard for the consequences as to whether the victim lived or died. If charged with this serious crime you must contact a murder defence lawyer to have the best chance of avoiding imprisonment.

Murder FAQ

A: Murder is any wilful act destroying life, whether wickedly intended to kill, or displaying such wicked recklessness as to imply a disposition depraved enough to be regardless of consequences.
A: There are specific and strict conditions that have to be met in order to present self-defence as the cause of death.

Murder defence lawyer

Murder cases are always heard at The High Court and involve the employment of a QC along with Junior Counsel who present the case for the defence to the Jury.

Our specialist team of murder lawyers have a wealth of experience in preparing murder cases for clients in The High Court and instructing the top advocates to present your case and represent you in The High Court.

Over the years we have been involved in numerous high profile murder cases in Scottish courts and we are well accustomed to dealing with highly complex murder cases often involving huge amounts of evidence.

A charge of murder carries with it a mandatory life sentence. A murder defence lawyer is a crucial component in your defence and will do everything they can to ensure you don’t spend life behind bars.

Defence of self-defence

If you acted in self-defence then you should contact our specialist lawyers today to see if self-defence can be used in your case.

Murder defence lawyer Legal Aid Scotland

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder then it is vital that you contact our specialist team of murder lawyers without delay. Scottish Legal Aid is available for people who are charged with murder. Contact us and we will talk you through your options.

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