DWP Interviews under caution

Fraud Investigation Officers will carry out the DWP interview under caution for Benefit Fraud in a similar format as a police interview. It should be treated in the same way. You have the right to have a solicitor present during your interview. You should contact us as soon as possible if you wish a solicitor from our office to attend.

Corroboration is required in Scots Criminal Law. The best advice, in most cases, is to remain silent and make no comment to the questions put to you, other than to state your name, age and address. Your right to silence is fundamental. No negative comment can be made because you exercised that right.

Decisions on Benefit Frauds

After the DWP interview, you will be contacted and advised of the decision of the Fraud Investigation Officers They may be satisfied that no fraud took place or that there is insufficient evidence to take the matter further and bring an end to the investigation.

However, if they believe fraud has taken place, criminal proceedings may be initiated against you; especially if the fraud is for a large sum and was carried out over a long period of time. Other factors taken into account will be whether the fraud was complicated in its execution, e.g. the forging documents to make a false claim or if the claimant has a previous history of Benefit Fraud. It is therefore essential that you do not bury your head in the sand if you receive a letter requesting your attendance at an interview. It will normally cause stress and anxiety to anyone receiving a letter requiring their attendance at an interview under caution. Having a specialist benefits fraud solicitor to advise you at this early stage will, at least, help alleviate the trauma you may be going through.

DWP lawyers interview under caution help

Don’t wait until matters have proceeded to criminal charges. Let us take some of the strain and look after your interests, contact us now on one of the telephone numbers provided on the home page of this website.