Terror Offences Scotland

At Matthew Berlow, we are criminal defence lawyers who are dedicated to representing our clients to the very best of our considerable abilities. Skilled in multiple practice areas, we count terrorism offences amongst our specialisms, and are ever eager to assist those who have been accused of these.

Although a niche area, those who find themselves charged nonetheless deserve expert representation, and this is what we provide. Committed to helping those individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, we are non-judgemental and entirely professional and will present your case without bias.

We find that an increasing number are coming to us with regards to terror offences. Many feel ostracised as a result and claim that it is difficult to find a listening ear who will fairly represent them. At Matthew Berlow, that’s exactly what we offer each one of our clients.

This ethos is important to those who approach us, but so is having access to skilled and expert lawyers who understand the ever-evolving nature of terror offences. Recognising the widening scope of police and prosecuting agencies to pursue counter-terrorism objectives, we understand that there has been a significant impact on civil liberties as a result, and know just how to handle any impingement on these.

In this matter, our impressive portfolio speaks for itself. Having been involved in the vast majority of ‘terrorism’ cases in Scotland in recent years, we have repeatedly represented clients who needed our help to fight against the increasingly draconian terrorism legislation that is being enforced – with numerous and notable results.

The majority of this work has revolved around four major acts of Parliament that have been introduced since 2000:

• The Terrorism Act 2000
• The Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001
• The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005
• The Terrorism Act 2006

Covering a vast array of offences that one might be charged with, these have combined to create a multitude of new offences, as well as significant growth in police powers and their ability to combat such acts.

For those charged, this has made the fight against the arm of the law far more complex and complicated than it used to be, so that skilled representation is more essential than ever before should affected individuals wish to triumph in the case against them.

That’s where our team comes in. Experienced and expert at what we do, we’re professionals who are primed and ready to help you. Get in touch with us today to find out more.