Dangerous driving in Scotland

Dangerous driving is regarded as a serious offence in Scotland. It carries with it a minimum mandatory ban of 12 months. In order to reset it requires an extended test, now that’s clearly a serious type of sentence in relation to this type of offence. So it’s something that we would suggest you really need to have urgent legal advice on.

Pulled over by the police?

So if you were pulled over by the police for dangerous driving, careless driving, or speeding It’s important that you get in touch with a lawyer. We’re not going to charge you anything for an initial consultation with you.

If you’re facing a ban in relation to dangerous driving, then you should get in touch with a specialist law traffic lawyer. Today. If you go call and give us some information about your case one of our lawyers will give you an opinion today about what we can do for you and the ins and outs of your case, and just exactly where you stand.

Our road traffic lawyers can save your licence

If we can keep you on the road, save your driving licence and save all the things that rely on that driving licence then the hassle of court will all be worth it. Many of us rely on our licence for our job or mortgage and for a lot of other things. So it’s of key importance in people’s lives. We’re well aware of that. We know all of the loopholes, the ins and outs, and just how to deal with these cases so what I would suggest you do is that you get in touch with us.

Send us your case documents. We’ll give you a case assessment for free, and we’ll give you a case consultation for free. You have nothing to lose, but your driving licence. So get in touch today.