Lack of speed awareness courses in Scotland

speed awareness courses scotland

Courses available throughout the UK but not Scotland

Despite ministers accepting a need for speed awareness courses, there is still a lack of speed awareness courses in Scotland. Speed awareness courses are widely available throughout the rest of the UK, but for some reason, they’re not available to motorists here in Scotland. So if you have the misfortune to be pulled over for low-level speeding, ae.g.nd just over the 30 mph limit or just over the 70 mph limits you don’t have an option of a speed awareness course. If you’re stopped for that sort of speed down in England, you’ll be asked if you want to go in a speed awareness course. If you choose to pay for that course, then you will not have penalty points endorsed on your license in Scotland.

Unfortunately, we do not have that available to us. Some questions have been asked recently in the Scottish parliament in connection with that. We would like to see speed awareness courses available throughout Scotland. There’s no real reason why they’re not available and it is something that could be easily implemented.

The companies who provide these courses done in England could easily have their systems replicated up here. It’s very easy for the whole system to be rolled out and very quick. And I would suggest that it’s something that could be available by the end of the year, but it does need some political will.

Just over the border and you can get no points

Ironically, you could actually be on the same road and just crossing over the border. On one side you get dealt with no penalty points and on this side, you receive three penalty points. As we know, penalty points can mean that you can be totted up and disqualified from driving.

Awareness courses are not just to avoid points. They reduce people’s bad driving as they are taught correct driving standards and allow the people to address the whole issue of just how good a driver they are. These courses make them aware of the issues of speed and the dangers that are involved and they pay for themselves so it costs nothing to the government.

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