Mistakes made in drink driving cases

mistakes in drink driving cases

Assuming you will be convicted

The biggest mistake is to assume that because you’ve been charged with drink driving, that you will be convicted of drunk driving and therefore lose your driving licence. The consequences of going to court in relation to this type of charge are very serious. Drink driving cases are not over before they start.

So it’s a matter where you should speak to a lawyer at the earliest opportunity. As soon as you’ve been processed by the police, you should be contacting a lawyer. Evidence can be preserved and it can make a massive difference in how your case is dealt with at the end of the day. 

We have dealt with many types of cases depending on how the police deal with the evidence, what they do in relation to your case and the procedures that are involved in your case. Also taking into account whether they’re fair to you or not. You’ll really only know that if you speak to a lawyer who has experience in this area and can tell you just exactly what weight the court will bring to the evidence of how your case has been dealt with.

So there needs to be something fairly substantial for us to be able to win your case. But please do not assume that your case is simply a loser because you’ve been charged. Often it’s the case that we can mitigate the circumstances and explain the full background to the court. It’s not very often, that people openly accept that they’re involved in drunk driving. There’s usually some background there. So we always ask some probing questions and find out what the background is because. Often that’s something that the court really required to know.

Thinking the police always get it right

There are many ways the police can get something wrong in relation to drink driving. Maybe they measured your alcohol levels incorrectly. Maybe the sample was not taken in the correct manner. You could have had something in your mouth, such as chewing gum, tobacco etc. Perhaps you were on a special diet or have diabetes, asthma, other relevant medical condition. 

The idea we’re trying to give you is that there are many opportunities that could mean you are not convicted. We have to be allowed to analyse the evidence which can only occur if you contact us and contest the charge. 

Trying to explain that the police lied

This will very rarely work out for you. All you really need to do is show how the officer might simply be mistaken. We can check the case procedures thoroughly and ensure that all the relevant documents have been lodged to enable you to cross-examine whether the procedures were carried out appropriately. A Sheriff does not want to believe that a police officer is willing to lie to catch one person out for a road offence when they would be risking their careers. So it’s much more prudent to go for the angle that the police officer(s) are mistaken.

Lawyers for drink driving cases

So get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to speak to you in the first instance without a fee. Speak to one of our lawyers who will analyse your case. We’ll tell you the facts and we’ll tell you exactly what the position is and whether there’s any real worth in going to trial in relation to your case. Bear in mind that the devices that are used nowadays, the Intoximeter devices are approved devices that bring them a special status, which means that the court trusts the reading that comes from that device. Remember drink driving cases are worth examining so call asap.