Police crackdown on drink driving

police crackdown on drink driving

The national police crackdown on drink driving continues. If you appear in relation to drink driving, it means that you face a minimum mandatory ban of 12 months. So that’s the starting point for the court. You’re not going to get less than that unless a sheriff considers it appropriate to put you on a drink and drive rehabilitation scheme that can reduce the period by 25%. 

Longer ban for 3x over the limit

 If you have a reading that’s over three times the limit, then you not only face the mandatory ban, you also face the distinct possibility that your car will be forfeited. So be aware that it’s not just your driving license, your livelihood, and whatever relies on your license, but also your car that may well be taken.

 The police are pressing now for more information on drunk drivers and seeing an increase in neighbours, friends, relatives, anybody that has any information about a possible drunk driver should be calling the police, getting in touch with them. They’ll take action based on that information.

The story behind drink driving is often serious

Sometimes there are reasons behind being over the limit of alcohol when driving. Each individual case has to be treated just like that. We look into the details behind it. We usually find that there’s a real serious story behind that. That’s important. It’s important that the court understand exactly why drink driving has occurred. If you’re in that type of situation, then it would be wise to speak to a solicitor to get an informed opinion about just what to do with your case and what can be presented in court to try to mitigate the situation and provide the court with the full background.

Instruct a lawyer

It’s a bit unfair to expect to attend court and just be able to provide all the information yourself. It’s an intimidating environment and it makes a great deal of sense to speak to a lawyer before you go to court. Even if you decide not to instruct a lawyer, speak to us. Get information and advice about how to proceed with your case and find out about the procedures and then decide whether you want to instruct a lawyer.